Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel

Efforts to conserve water are gaining popularity in our society as we realize that fresh water is not meant to be taken for granted. Focusing on managing water can actually deliver a double bonus. It plays huge role in going green and further lowers your water bill. As a matter of fact, there are several ways to save money and one of them is to stop wasting water but collect and recycle it with the means of rain barrel rebate.

Rain is the number one source of water but do you ever think of recycling this resource whenever it pours down? A system of harvesting water is often overlooked but is an excellent way for collecting down pour. Don’t underestimate the amount of free water that can be collected through rain barrel rebate. Generally, a 55 gallon rain barrel can be filled with half-inch rain shower. Rain barrels serve as a perfect reservoir for capturing the natural, chemical-free rain.  It is no news to homeowners that gardens, plants and flowers flourish fine with organic rain water. An estimate of 30%-40% of water use in summer time comes from outdoor activities. Note however that water stored in rain barrels are not meant for drinking. A proper filtration system must be introduced in order to consider it safe for human consumption.

Harvesting rain water can never be any simpler – just install a rain barrel under a roof gutter downspout and you are good to go. Practically, any large container can be used as a rain barrel. For example, a homeowner can use a plastic or metal trash can to collect water. However, there are major benefits of installing commercial rain barrels such as overflow hardware, mosquito screen, pet-proof lids and ability to link multiple barrels together. These additional features make your rain water much easier and safer to use. Many city departments will offer homeowners a rebate on their water bill if they install a rain barrel.

As you install a rain barrel, you are doing your part to conserve both water and energy. Remember that when you use rain water, you will not be using your community’s drinking water and you will not also be using energy too pump the water to your house. No worries, it is free; so you won’t be billed a penny for it. Rainwater as well is certainly the perfect feed for your plants – it is fresh and naturally low in salt.

Your grandparents probably gained a lot from rain barrel rebate. Why not try something similar by installing a rain barrel too? Even if you live in regions where there is little rainfall, you will be simply amazed when your rain barrel stores water up to the brim with only one or two showers. You can find durable rain barrels in stores or garden centers close to you or simply shop for it online.

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